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Isosceles Triangle: AA

Group Speakers


  Florence Open Door

 Wednesday Oct 18, 2017 8pm

Aziz K. from Point of Freedom Group

 Wednesday Oct 25, 2017 8pm

Brad B. from Sheffield Group




Freedom Group

 Sunday Oct 22, 2017 8pm

Danielle F. from Keep It Simple Group

 Sunday Oct 29, 2017 8pm

Ralph A. from Sheffield Group




Island Group

 Friday Oct 20th, 2017 8pm

Phillip N. from Fourth Dimension Group

 Friday Oct 27th, 2017 8pm

Woody T. from Fourth Dimension Group




Keep It Simple

 Thursday Oct 26, 2017 6pm

Eating/Speaker Meeting

Eat at 6, Speaker at 7

Ron F. from Nashville, AL




Lexington 449

 Saturday Oct 21, 2017 8pm

Matt S. from Haleyville, AL

 Saturday Oct 28, 2017 7pm

Eating/Speaker Meeting

Eat at 7, Speaker at 8

Liza B. from Keep It Simple Group




Quad Cities

 Sunday Nov 5, 2017 5pm

Eating/Speaker Meeting

Snacks and Pizza at 5, Speaker at 5:30

Speaker, T.B.A.





 Friday Oct 20, 2017 8pm

Shanna O. from Freedom Group

 Friday Oct 27, 2017 8pm

Erik R. from Quad Cities Group





 Saturday Oct 21, 2017 8pm

Frank V. from Sheffield Group

 Saturday Oct 28, 2017 8pm

Houston C. from Florence Open Door Group




Survivors Group

 Thursday Jan 7, 2017 5:30pm




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